What content is available within the SAE Digital Library?  

The Digital Library includes over 200,000 standards, technical papers, ebooks, and magazines published by SAE International, and other document references published in partnership with over 30 publishers. The Digital Library includes full-text access to over 10,000 SAE Standards, 17,000 SAE Historical Standards, 90,000 SAE Technical Papers, and nearly 250 ebooksDid this answer your question? Contact us if it didn't >

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What is SAE International's policy regarding intellectual property?  

SAE reserves the right to copyright any of its print products, electronic products, databases, audio/visual products and any other subject matter. For more information, please refer to our Intellectual Property Policy information on the SAE International website.

Is the Digital Library compatible with Shibboleth and OpenAthens authentication?  

Yes. The Digital Library is Shibboleth and OpenAthens compatible. SAE International is currently registered as a service provider with the UK Access Management Federation, InCommon, and DFN-AAI. To request registration as an Identity Provider (IdP), please complete request form on the Shibboleth Authentication page. Please contact us directly to request access through other federations.

Do I need to log in to use the product?  

Yes. You need to either login via automatic IP authentication or via a username and password provided to you through your administrator.

Who do I contact for technical assistance?  

Technical assistance is available via the Tech Support form on the product website or by calling:

Phone: 724-776-4970 (8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. USA EST)

Fax: 724-772-4891

Email: epdtech@sae.org

For prompt results, please be prepared to provide browser, Internet connection, and hardware/software information.

Who should I contact with questions about purchasing a subscription?  

Contact Sales via the Contact us form on the product website or by calling:

Phone: 1-888-875-3976 (US)

1-724-772-4086 (Outside US)

Fax: 724-776-3087

E-mail: customersales@sae.org

Where can I find information on rights and permissions for products?  

A link to the license agreement is available at the bottom of every page within the Digital Library. You may also access it by clicking here.

Which browsers is the Digital Library compatible with?  

Internet Explorer 7.0
Mozilla Firefox 3.5
Chrome 9.0 
Safari 4.5

How frequently is the content updated?  

All content within the Digital Library is updated daily. Click on the “What’s New” link to sign up for an RSS feed that will send you a weekly email on all new content added to the Digital Library.

How do I change my username and password?  

Please contact your account administrator.

I forgot my username and password. What should I do?  

Usernames and passwords are maintained by your account administrator within your company/institution. Contact this person for assistance.

What does the Free Trial allow me to do?  

You can search all of the metadata in the Digital Library, as well as access and use all the features, but you cannot download any full-text documents. (Note: the free trial does include one full-text document of each main content type for illustrative purposes.) You can, however, buy any individual document through the SAE Store.

What is an historical standard?  

An historical standard is a document that is no longer the most current version of a given SAE Standard. Historical standards are available for many current “AS”, “AMS”, and “J” SAE Standards.

How do I purchase a single paper, standard, ebook, or magazine issue online?  

Individual SAE papers, standards, and ebooks are available for purchase at: papers.sae.org, standards.sae.org, books.sae.org, and sae.org/magazines. As a Digital Library subscriber you can conveniently purchase full text documents that are not in your subscription.

What is the “Additional Login” and who is it for?  

The "Additional Login" only applies to subscribers who have subscriptions and/or locations where they need to provide access to additional content to one or more groups of users. To access the additional content the user will click on the "Login" link and enter a username and password provided by their administrator. Once logged in, the additional content will be displayed in their "Filter by My Subscriptions" list, and be available to search, filter, and browse.

What are the RSS alerts, and how do I sign up them?  

RSS feeds make content available to you in an opt-in only format. To view the SAE Digital Library RSS feed with the help of an RSS reader, click on the ‘What’s New’ link in the right column and follow the instructions provided by your web browser (different browsers follow its own sign up process). You can elect to view RSS feed in several different RSS readers and email applications.

How large are the download files, and how long does it take to download a document?  

File sizes vary because document size ranges from a few pages to over one hundred pages. Because of this, download times vary a lot and are also dependent on the speed of your Internet connection.