What our customers are saying about the Digital Library

“The Digital Library is the best tool we have to find the most up-to-date J standards that we design to... By having easy access to these standards, engineers do not spend multiple hours trying to find the most up-to-date standard and increase their productivity as a result.” To read the full case study, click here.

David McCown, Navistar

“The SAE Digital Library solution provides Eaton engineers on-demand access to standards globally to improve efficiency. The 24/7 Digital Library improves global collaboration and prevents duplicate purchases. It allows the authorized user to access a Web-based portal to learn more about a particular standard of interest, determine availability, and view, print, and download the document. It allows the organization to manage compliance to standards, decrease design time, and increase quality.” To read the full case study, click here.

Ramu Ramamurthy, Senior Engineering Manager, Eaton


"Both our students and faculty find value in the Digital Library. It offers such a unique set of content that users can always find what they're looking for. It's an essential resource for us and I whole-heartedly recommend it."

Jan Comfort, Engineering Reference Librarian, Clemson University

"I use the Digital Library almost every week for my research projects and for most of the units that I teach. In most cases it's the first place to look for automotive related research articles."

Frank Will, Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering, Deakin University


"The Digital Library saves us a lot of time by being able to download and skim through several papers and find the relevant ones rather than contacting authors directly."

Martin Tunér, PhD, Assistant Professor, Division of Combustion Engines, Lund University

"With the updated Digital Library searching is easier and the filters are great. The enhanced search helps users find the right document likely the first time. Students and faculty are certainly happier."

Mary L. Strife, Director, Evansdale Library, West Virginia University

The Digital Library is a core resource for our engineers, providing our users, globally, with the content they need on a platform that enables them to easily view and download documents.

James Blank, Technical Knowledge Specialist, Caterpillar

"Hurry, hurry, hurry — that's the life of a design engineer. With the SAE's Digital Library updates I'm able to stay on top of my job, get the design time in, standards applied, and projects done."

Zara Hudson, Product Designer, Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products